Relationship / Divorce Counseling

When no one else really understands....
Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed., the world recognized specialist in straight/gay relationship counseling for over 30 years, is available to work with you via telephone, a personal live private chatroom, instant messaging, email, or in person when locality permits. Bonnie is the "go-to" person when n media news stories need advice. She is a resource for Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil, Montel Williams, and Tyra Banks. She has recently appeared as a guest on CNN, FOX News, and Women's Entertainment Network as a professional counseling expert in this field.

Bonnie Kaye specializes in helping you through destructive relationships including:

Gay Husbands
Bi-sexual Husbands
Sexual Fetish Husbands
Emotionally Abusive Husbands

She will teach you how to fix the mistake of your marriage without feeling as if it is YOUR failure.

Other women have wasted thousands of dollars and years of valuable time going to therapists who have no clue about this situation that affects MILLIONS of women. Bonnie's no-nonsense and reality-based style will help you quickly make sense of what is so hard to understand. She believes in finding a solution to your problem, so you don't have to waste time fighting a losing battle.

Counseling Costs:
One half-hour session — $60.00
One 45 minute session — $80.00

Block of Sessions:

  15 min. session 30 min. session 45 min. session
4 sessions $100 ($20 Savings) $200 ($40 Savings) $320 ($40 Savings)
6 sessions $150 ($30 Savings) $300 ($60 Savings) $480 ($60 Savings)

To set up your appointment with Bonnie Kaye, email her. Payments must be made in advance via check or PayPal. (eliminate my phone number)

Learn why thousands of women swear by Bonnie Kaye. Bonnie's books have helped thousands of women learn the way to emotional happiness and freedom.